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KLT-Consult GmbH is an interdisciplinary engineering consulting office with core area of expertise in water management, energy technology, environmental technology and civil engineering.
Environmentally-friendly energy efficiency and economically projects
Powerful solutions – from increasing energy efficiency through to the planning and implementation of efficient energy plants.
Successful management of current challenges and those faced in the future
Efficient management of legal standards and economic company goals: AQUIS – world leading software for the modelling and control of water provision systems.

Water Management

In our water management business unit, we handle all tasks from reclaiming drinking water and water provision through to waste water drainage, waste water treatment, hydrology, rain water management and water pollution control.

Alongside standard planning services found in the area of water provision, KLT-Consult offers world leading software for the modelling and control of water provision systems in its role as a system integrator for AQUIS. This powerful, user-friendly and functional tool helps operators of water reticulations to achieve legal standards and meet economic company goals.

In the area of waste water drainage and treatment, we can call on numerous references in all individual areas through to the provision of self-suffi cient energy for sewage sludge treatment plants. We use both hydrological and also hydrodynamic models from ITWH (KOSIM, Hystem-Extran) for completing the required simulation calculations for the sewerage systems, as well as the latest software from DHI. This ensures that we are also able to simulate sewerage systems with demanding flow processes. The innovative linking of 3D terrain models, sewer simulations and climate forecasts from a variety of institutes, as well as anthropogenic changes, allows us to also achieve the future-orientated planning of communal drainage systems.

These climate forecasts about the frequency and future intensity of precipitation present a challenge in the area of hydrology and rain water management; we will be able to manage this risk in future due to the use of the new simulation possibilities. Precipitation and run-off relationships on sealed surfaces and their direct effect on the volume of water fed through the sewerage system can now be better projected by using the new simulation possibilities – a milestone for flood testing and flood protection.

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