Optimal gas storage

Future-oriented and safe solutions for efficient gas storage and supply.

With the forced energy turnaround, use of regenerative gas is taking on ever-increasing importance in the sector when it comes to realising a sustainable energy supply. Particularly in the light of increasing dependence on energy that is not always available, optimal storage is necessary of the energy contained in the gas.

Flexible storage in low-pressure gas vessels

In this area, KLT-Consult offers many years of experience in the field of planning, construction and rehabilitation of low-pressure gas vessels in various designs. A particular focus is on low-maintenance membrane-type gas vessels for storing special fuel gases such as biogas or sewage gas.

Reliable rehabilitation while maintaining operation

When it comes to rehabilitation of gas storage vessels, we have references confirming that measures were carried out while maintaining the gas consumers' operation. In terms of potential risk, this is where explosion protection is very important. The particular challenges in terms of technology, organisation and occupational safety are fully taken into account through maximum safety measures, and planning and construction supervision services are carried out by experienced specialist staff with the highest level of technical expertise.