Elevated drinking water tanks and pressure booster systems

Reliable and cost-optimised solutions for needs-oriented new construction and rehabilitation of elevated drinking water tanks and pressure booster systems.

Pressure booster systems and elevated tanks are used to achieve an even pressure in the water supply network. Elevated drinking water tanks - consisting of one part of the building for equipment and systems and the water storage area in concrete or stainless steel - also have an important function as a storage reservoir.

High quality of drinking water

In the choice of materials - particularly materials coming in contact with water - and in the choice of ventilation and filter systems, quality of drinking water and adherence to hygiene are a top priority. All professional trades for different operational and rehabilitation methods are planned by KLT-Consult according to recognised state of the art, taking account of operational needs, current requirements in terms of drinking water hygiene, legal guidelines and all regulatory approval requirements.

Optimised life cycle costs

For water suppliers, life cycle costs are relevant as well as investment costs. These costs of a system over a longer period of time include expenses for operation, maintenance and repair and must be taken into account in the decision-making process. KLT-Consult assists water suppliers with solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

Wide range of services with interdisciplinary services

With our experienced and multidisciplinary project team, we offer efficient and customised construction and rehabilitation strategies for elevated drinking water tanks and pressure boosting systems, and a wide range of services from project planning, costing and consultancy in the bidding and contract award phase through to construction management.