Energy-efficient sewage treatment plants

Comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment plants from planning, construction and rehabilitation to optimisation of operation and intelligent management of energy to ensure increased energy efficiency.

Planning, construction and rehabilitation with future-oriented adaptation strategies

KLT-Consult has many years of experience in planning, construction and rehabilitation of water treatment plants and can offer the sewage industry future-oriented adaptation strategies for changing ecological, economic and legal framework conditions. These include more efficient use of advanced wastewater treatment processes, appropriate dimensioning of sewage treatment plants, taking due account of present and future demographic factors or system-related flood protection for sewage treatment plants. There is a particular focus on ecological sustainability and economic energy efficiency through integrated concepts for optimisation of operation and rehabilitation and modern systems technology.

Sustainable cost reduction at municipal level

According to Germany's Federal Environment Agency, sewage treatment plants are the greatest power consumers at municipal level with approx. 20 percent. Greater energy efficiency therefore not only relieves the environment and reduces CO2 emissions, but it also alows cost reduction at municipal level. The highest energy consumption - on average approx. 80 percent - occurs with biological treatment, secondary clarification and sludge treatment. This is where the greatest energy savings can be achieved, whereby account is also taken of the remaining processes for the purpose of integrated planning.

Energy efficiency and energy self-sufficiency

KLT-Consult offers strategies for increased energy efficiency to sewage treatment plant operators that are based on full investigation of energy consumption and individual procedural constraints. The efficiency of our energy strategies is also borne out by the fact that, in the context of master planning for operational optimisation, we have succeeded in achieving energy-autonomous operation of our clients' wastewater treatment plants.