Balancing group: more flexible procurement and sale of energy amounts

Special energy procurement strategy through optimisation of power generation with locally networked energy management and significant savings in cost.

KLT-Consult GmbH's master concepts for energy allow a significant increase in energy efficiency and energy production using heat and power co-generation units. This creates new perspectives in alternative energy procurement for municipal and private-sector companies. It is still (currently) not yet possible to store power economically, which is why there must be a consistent balance between production or supply and demand.

From energy efficiency to balancing group

In the energy industry, balancing groups refer to imaginarily grouped areas consisting of entry and exit points. The suppliers responsible for the balancing group must cover the power requirement by purchasing or by producing it themselves. For the latter, there is a prerequisite that own demand for power on an average annual balance can roughly be fully covered by own production. With its energy-efficient solutions, KLT-Consult has proved that this is also possible for municipal companies.

Decentralised networked energy management

By forecasting the permanent energy consumption in the company, it is possible to optimise production and consumption in a targeted and economic manner with intelligent energy management strategies. Whatever electricity is then produced at power plant sites and is not required locally (i.e. excess power) is delivered to the balancing group as EEG electricity for direct marketing and is thus no longer subject to previous rulings on feed-in remuneration paid under the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG). All power supply points draw electricity from the balancing group through which there is now a virtual self-sufficiency. If the total percentage of electricity from renewable energies is over 50% (for example, through heat and power co-generation in sewage treatment plants), the consumer is also no longer obliged to pay the charge under the German Renewable Energies Act (referred to as the "EEG Abgabe").

Significant savings in energy costs

Such a novel power supply model allows on the one hand considerable savings, while on the other hand, even with external support, balancing group management requires that the content and legalities of the complex issue be fully addressed. KLT-Consult offers comprehensive solutions for improving energy efficiency and gives you independent advice on the choice of a suitable partner in order to implement and manage this form of energy procurement according to energy law.