Electrical engineering services

Control concepts, planning and realisation of medium and low-voltage switchgear and industrial and building automation: independent of manufacturer and according to requirement.

Extensive experience in plant construction

Our planning engineers have many years' experience in plant construction, both nationally and internationally, and can incorporate their entire knowledge in the planning of electrical systems. Our engineering services in electrotechnical planning range from initial cost estimates to support during startup.

Integrated planning and conceptualisation

Conceptualisation and project planning for electrical, measuring and control equipment are done in close cooperation with our clients in order to achieve needs-oriented, stringent solutions. Taking account of any existing electrical, measuring and control structure, our staff start by determining quantity structures for all relevant equipment, instrument and components, and do the first rough cost estimates. The equipment technology to be used is coordinated with the client, requested from the suppliers, and all technical issues clarified.
Our integrated planning ensures that the individual components such as medium voltage switchgear, transformers, low-voltage switchgear and distributors are optimally combined through to the consumer. This ensures supply and operational reliability, allowing sizing of system parts to be adapted and ensuring clearly defined communication interfaces for building control technology and information technology. Clear documentation serves as a basis for optimising energy consumption and system structure.

Interface security and cost-effective implementation

Close cooperation between the various service areas of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, business administration and the electrical engineering department ensures that interface losses are avoided. Professional information management, short decision routes and rapid coordination between the contractors ensure precise, cost-efficient planning and implementation of systems that optimally serve the demands of modern electrical, measuring and control equipment.

Explosion protection and emergency OFF concepts

Overall explosion protection concepts as well as adaptation of emergency OFF concepts to the requirements of machinery directive 2006/42/EC are now essential as a basis for comprehensive planning services. Both concept forms can be provided by KLT-Consult when constructing or converting systems.